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Risk Minimisation In Noisy Industries

The road transport industry and concrete pumping are some of the more unusual workplaces most likely to be noise exposed according to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland on their website.

A good overview of how to minimise the risks of hazardous noise levels are provided- including engineering, PPE, and administrative controls.


How Loud Is Too Loud?

Check out the fantastic onscreen calculator “How loud is too loud?” at the Hearing Awareness Week website for an indication of safe exposure time limits for many recreational sounds- and always keep that hearing protection on you in case you’re heading out into a noisy world!


Tradies Health Fact Sheets

Factsheets compiled by the Deafness Forum of Australia for Tradies National Health Month 2013.

Download and share the following workplace factsheets:

Protect your hearing

Affect on hearing when driving a heavy vehicle

Noise destroys


Guide To Managing Noise And Preventing Hearing Loss At Work- Workplace Health And Safety (Qld)


QLD Department Of Employment And Industrial Relations Information On Noise And Noise Regulations


NSW Workcover Information And Regulations Relating To Noise At Work


Code Of Practice For Noise Management And Protection Of Hearing At Work

Safework Australia has published a National Code of Practice for Noise Management and Protection of Hearing at Work it provides a useful overview for how to approach health and safety compliance with regard to noise at the workplace.