Hearing at Work
Audiometric Testing, Noise Assessments And Custom Hearing Protection
Ph. 1300 414 260

We are an efficient and professional mobile audiometry service that travels to sites of work conducting hearing and noise assessments. We have also partnered with an Australian manufacturer with over 30 years experience in making custom moulded earplugs for industrial, recreational and occupation-specific use (such as musicians, motorcycling or shooting plugs). Our custom built, acoustically treated truck is a mobile clinic that includes the latest digital testing equipment and a large sound treated booth. We use online reporting and record-keeping systems that are digitally backed up and encrypted for ease of recall.

Hearing @ Work is staffed by independent hearing consultants with qualifications in audiometry, hearing health and acoustics and backgrounds in business process management and regulatory compliance. Previous clients have been in mining, civil works, transport, aviation, manufacturing and agricultural processing industries.

Our consultants hold associate membership of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists and affiliate membership of Hearing Aid Audiometrist Society of Australia.

We are not affiliated with any hearing aid companies and are not a referral service to audiology clinics or workers compensation services. Our brief is to provide objective hearing and noise data reports and supply hearing protectors that exceed Australian work health and safety standards, making WHS compliance easy.

Why choose Hearing @ Work?

We’re one of a number of on-site audiometry and noise testing services, so where’s the advantage in our offer?

  • we provide an authentic, no-fuss compliance ready service
  • our prices are reasonable, we discount for local work, small businesses and where multiple services are required
  • we don’t subcontract out our work or cut corners with equipment or staffing
  • our approachable staff have had considerable experience and maintain membership in professional associations and activities
  • we regularly attend safety seminars, industry training courses and professional conferences, staying abreast of industry developments and current practices
  • our equipment and systems utilise the best of digital storage and reporting and backup systems, with most results available on the day and in a format matched to your reporting system
  • we travel to you: a significant cost saving by minimising downtime, eliminating off-site travel for appointments. Our mobile suite has a comfortable office, waiting room and testing booth easily located to your site
  • the Hearing @ Work mobile service unit is compact and self-levelling, requiring a minimum set-up- less than 15 minutes- with no trailer hitches or large swing room access needed, just a standard 10 amp power connection
  • we also have a self-powered acoustic treated clinic with audio booth for true off-the-grid mobility to greenfield, lay down or satellite sites
  • we give back to the community such as running free services during Hearing Awareness Week, conducting presentations to groups such as Rotary Clubs and have joined international volunteering missions to share our clinical experience