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  • Audiometric testing service
  • On-site hearing tests with results the same day
  • Mobile hearing tests for WHS compliance

Our most popular service is for audiometric testing where we visit your workplace to conduct hearing screening, which is now mandatory for noise exposed workplaces* under harmonised WHS legislation.

Our mobile hearing test service incorporates the latest digital testing and reporting systems using a generous audiometric testing booth and outputting the results into an audiogram and confidential report in PDF, Excel or WORD formats. We use and encourage a paperless office through the digital recording, transfer and storage system of audiometric test results for maximum ease of backup and recall.

*If the ambient noise is above 85db(A) for an 8 hr equivalent, staff working in this environment must be tested within 3 months of commencing employment and at least every 2 years subsequent after that. This is in order to establish a reference point- baseline data. Consider it an early-detection program that monitors hearing threshold levels and provides indicative data on hearing sensitivity or whether hearing loss is occurring.

Typically, once a service request is made, we attend your site on the required day in our purpose-built clinic which is a sound-treated mobile office with large acoustic booth installed. We will forward you a hearing health history questionnaire which is completed by staff members, who then attend at a rostered time.

An audiometric test that meets the Australian Standard normally takes between 10 and 15 mins. This includes a test-retest procedure to confirm accuracy of results on the day (see our FAQ- “What defines audiometric (hearing) testing that is WHS and Workers Compensation Authority compliant?”)

With our audiometric testing system, we find that up to 21 people per day is ideal as it allows other employer obligations regarding instruction, use and fitness check of hearing PPE to be covered off in the same appointment. One on one sessions with an experienced independent professional is proven to be more effective than ‘group training’ or cursory toolbox talks at start of shift.

Using a mobile hearing test service provides a number of obvious benefits including: minimising employee downtime, no travel to off-site appointments required and outsourcing responsibilities to a competent and accredited audiometrist and occupational health professional.

Our experience has revealed other advantages in using our on-site hearing test service: no speciality training for in-house HSE managers or occupational health nurses (audiometric testing, just like driving, is not a skill you can learn on-line); no need for expensive audiometry equipment or audiogram software purchases; no need to purchase and install audiometric test booths or sound treated rooms which remain redundant when not in use; full transparency of health and safety management system and WHS compliance data; but most importantly, employees have much more confidence in the audiometric testing procedure when seeing an independent occupational health professional.

Our audiometrists have had at least a decade of customer service expertise who’s focus is on providing a streamlined, professional service without the overheads. The best audiometric testing service won’t cut corners by using inexperienced or part-qualified staff, out of date equipment, passive or incomplete testing regimes. At Hearing @ Work, we don’t just take an administrative or perfunctory approach to hearing screening. We enjoy our job and it shows in our work.