Hearing at Work
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  • Noise assessments
  • Occupational noise monitoring
  • Workplace noise risk assessments

An occupational noise assessment is a fundamental part of any workplace hearing conservation program. Underpinning WHS legislation on noise and hearing is the need to document noise exposure levels for a given activity. We offer a suite of noise monitoring and occupational noise measurement services that give you confidence and reflect global best practice. Our noise consultants use NATA accredited equipment and report against Australian standards. Our reports include risk assessments that become invaluable workforce planning tools.

For noise exposed worksites, an occupational noise assessment is recommended every five years, and is mandatory when any new plant or equipment is installed for use. As a rule, if you are 1 meter away from a person and you need to shout to be heard over ambient noise levels, then you are likely to need hearing protection PPE and a noise assessment to validate noise exposure levels at your worksite.

Our noise specialists only use Class 1 scientific instruments matched with OEM data interpretation software from Bruel & Kajer - the global leader in sound and vibration measurement. With these high quality sound level meters, we can simultaneously collect many types of measurements include octave (tone) analysis, differentiate between impulse and continuous noise levels, and also map what level of hearing protection is needed for different sections of your worksite.

The complexity of this data is simplified into a report that explains where noise hazards are, what the safety envelope is before hearing PPE no longer provides adequate protection, what length of shift is recommended before there is a risk of hearing injury and other valuable HR management information.