Hearing at Work
Audiometric Testing, Noise Assessments And Custom Hearing Protection
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  • Custom moulded hearing protectors
  • Long life, low maintenance noise plugs
  • Safety solutions that allow hearing-in-noise

We provide custom noise protection solutions ranging from low maintenance industrial grade plugs, to sophisticated solutions that utilise a combination of passive and active noise reduction. We have communication-in-noise solutions that allow plug-and-play for VHF, UHF, bluetooth and similar proprietary systems.

Our standard custom noise protection system has adjustable attenuation, National Acoustics Laboratory certified rating and an annual monitoring and cleaning service. We work with an Australian laboratory with over 30 years experience in hearing protection moulding and manufacture.

The benefits of custom made hearing protection are not widely known or understood by many employers. While hearing PPE is the ‘last line of defence’ in excessively noisy environments, over-the-ear muffs or in-the-canal plugs- are both made of foam with a short shelf life. We can supply a cost-benefit-calculator that illustrates significant cost savings when choosing custom moulded protectors versus disposable foam-type plugs for your workforce.

Our custom moulded hearing protectors are manufactured using extremely hard wearing, easy to clean dental grade acrylics. Just hot water and dishwashing soap is enough to keep them clean if used in dusty or dirty environments.

A custom made noise plug also negates the other significant safety problem in workplaces that rely on foam plugs- incorrect fitment. We’ve found that most ‘disposable’ foam plug users do not adequately insert the foam plug deep enough into the canal, giving a false sense of security at best and leaving the employee unnecessarily exposed to noise.

With custom moulded hearing protectors, a comfortable fit is only achieved with the plug correctly inserted into the canal- giving far more surety that the PPE will actually be protecting as intended. Our custom moulded hearing plugs can be adjusted to precise attenuation levels (up to 34dB) allowing occupation-specific calibration.

Another feature of our custom hearing protection system is that it allows background noise to be attenuated (dimmed) but communication devices (such as UHF or similar comms systems) to be connected- so operators can remain in contact in extreme environments such as noisy confined spaces or high traffic areas.

There are two steps involved in organising a custom plug solution for your workforce. First, a site visit by a Hearing @ Work audiometrist is required to determine the suitability of plugs (not all ears are equal! see more on this in the FAQ section); the audiometrist will need to take silicone moulded impressions for each pair of custom noise plugs requested. Secondly, the plugs are fitted and tested for compliance against National Acoustics Laboratory classification standards- we confirm Class 5 rating for all our plugs before use.

Over the life of the plugs (up to 15 years) it is recommended that a calibration checks of custom plugs is done at the time a hearing test is conducted, to confirm that the PPE is without fault and performing to standard.

We have a number of different noise plug colours and types for different applications. Contact us if you would like to discuss our custom hearing protectors or request a brochure.